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San Francisco Country Club


Adventure and Wellness in unspoiled nature is Relax pure!

In the heart of South America, in the “Golden Triangle” area of PARAGUAY, famous for its natural beauty, near the Altos mountain range with its lovely valleys, craggy rocks, crystal clear brooks and cascades is situated the SAN FRANCISCO COUNTRY CLUB in unspoiled nature. At the crest of one of the hills at a height of 400 meters with a panoramic view of up to 10 km, our Club lies in an ideal mild, subtropical climate, not too hot summers and short mild winters. Winter temperatures here, except a few colder days, can be compared to the summer temperatures of the northern part of Central Europe, which is conducive to all year-round tourism. In other words Paraguay in every season is charming.

Our CLUB offers to you:
  • Hotel Bungalows, comfortable and cosy, with private bathroom, +/- air conditioning, +/- refrigerator optional.
  • Houses, comfortable, with a kitchen, completely equipped, air-conditioned, for long term lodger.
  • Castle-Restaurant with a giant barbecue grill and stone oven.
  • A Water Park with mineral water and islands covered with picnic area. (change of water weekly)
  • Dressing Rooms with showers and toilets.
  • Grassy areas with picnic sites.
  • Barbecue Grills with rustic tables and benches.
  • Children Park.
  • Beach-Volleyball courts and Soccer fields.
  • Water Wading in our brook (therapy Dr. Kneipp)
  • Foot Trails in the scenic wilderness for walking and jogging.
  • Physiotherapy, (optional with aroma) by appointment.

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