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Paraguay is a beautiful subtropical warm country with friendly, warm-hearted people, situated in the heart of South America on the southern tropic. Its area is 406.752 km2 - 50.139 km2 larger than Germany and 1.7 times larger than Great Britain and North Ireland combined, but with only 6.2 Million inhabitants sparsely populated, nevertheless the prices of South American / Paraguayan real state are rising every year. The surrounding countries are Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Paraguay and Bolivia are the only interior countries of Latin America.

Paraguay is famous for its lovely harp music, the gigantic IGUAZU-waterfalls and the world's largest hydroelectric station ITAIPU. The capital Asunción, founded by the Spaniards in 1537, is a modern, green town with many parks and coffee-houses which invites you to linger.

The country is divided by the river Paraguay into two geographic and climatic regions. Eastern Paraguay, a fertile region with low mountain range character with censuses until 950 m above sea-level, were 95 % of the inhabitants are living and western Paraguay, the plain, arid and sparsely populated "Chaco Boreal", which comes to 61% of the territory. Its characteristic thorn bush savanna, which extends to the Bolivian border, is settled by many native tribes and even European immigrants built up their new home in this region.

The Paraguayan people with their Spanish and Native roots give an unique character to the land - the language "Guarani", the habit to drink "Mate" and "Terere", the excellent knowledge of natural cure (med. plants), the music with its enticing tones of harps and guitars, loved all over the world by well known songs and the marvelous arts and crafts are integral parts of the Paraguayan culture.

Paraguay is a bilingual country and the only one in the world where an original native language "Guarani" is spoken unchanged since centuries and is recognized as one of the official national languages.
The native and the Spanish influence produced very characteristic arts and crafts. Artistic woodcarving, manufacturing of harps, guitars, carpets, baskets, hammocks, clothes-accessories as "Ñanduti" and "Aho Poi", and most delicate filigrees of silver and gold enchants with its beauty.

The climate - the year average temperature is 22 to 24 degrees centigrade - and the soft water is very beneficial and helps to cure allergy, rheumatism and gout.
Most pleasant weather conditions are facilitating an always green and blooming landscape. Enormous nature reserves with dense rainforests, roaring waterfalls, calm lakes, soft hills, rugged rocks, infinite palm-tree forests, murmuring brooks, streaming rivers with rich fishing resource, comprising of more than 500 species of fish form the Paraguayan landscape with its impressing fauna. More than 300 different species of mammals, such as Jaguars, Pumas, Wild Boars, Tapirs, Monkeys, Coatis, Capybaras, Armadillos, Guinea Pigs, etc., as well as many reptiles, such as Crocodiles, Saurians and Lizards, etc. inhabits the landscape.

Paraguay is also a bird´s paradise with 600 species of birds, such as Parakeets, Herons, Storks, Ostriches, Toucans, etc. Not forgetting the zillions of gorgeous Butterflies. Wildlife is a treasure for the nature lover.

For centuries stock breeding has played a decisive economic role, therefore big cattle ranches belong to the home-grown landscape. This includes horse breeding - Arabs, Quarter Mile Horses, Criollos, Pintos, Palominos - is of particular importance. In Paraguay horses are not only utilised for the favored horse competitions as - Quarter-horse races, Sortijas and international Derbies. Horses in this region are indispensable assistants of the cowboys on the enormous farms.

Paraguay is a paradise for meat-lovers and on the other hand the variety of fine vegetables and delicious biologically fruits makes it easy to become a vegetarian. Agricultural export products are meat, soybeans, cotton, sugar-cane, rice, grains, tobacco, sesame and peanuts. For a short time bikes too are successfully exported to Germany.

Paraguay is a Tax Haven and is called the "Switzerland of South America". Actually the country is characterised since decades by a relative political and economic stability and for 100 years it is a classic immigration country with unlimited possibilities, having top priority which stands with Australia at the fore front global position and could be your new home in Paraguay, South America. Still today this country exerts an almost magnetic pull to the European people with their different skills and persuasions. The European immigrants are mainly of English, German, French and Spanish language, accordingly diversified is the cultural variety:
- US-, Spanish-, German-, French-, and Japanese Culture Centers
- US-, German- and French schools and high schools, including Kindergarten.
- Leisure time-, sports- and social clubs.
- Yacht- and golf clubs.
- International equitation clubs.
- US-, Italian- and French hospitals and first-class German medical specialists.
- Spanish-, French- and German hotels, cafe-houses, pastry-shops, German bakeries, butcheries and breweries.

Paraguay is still a land of adventure.
Already in the middle of the 19th century, round 1870, the first railway of South America is still in operation in Paraguay. Still today trains run on a section of line of the large railway system and makes the passenger dream of times long ago - an adventure with historical background - possible.

Long before the arrival of the first "Conquistadores" in the 16th century there already existed an Indian road network "TAPÉ AVIRÚ" translated as the comfortable way. These old close to nature and mystic trails are rediscovered for tourism and leads to mysterious and history-charged places such as the Monday waterfall, the hills of Paraguari and Yaguaron, the Ybytyruzu mountains, where even today you can find the runic-signs of the ancient Vikings who visited South America before Columbus and the Altos mountain-range, the home of the

a well known tourist resort


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